Understand the historical meaning of the controversial words of religious leaders and politicians and the dangers arising out of it

It is okay that the views of Maulana Arshad Madani are not wrong from a secular and rational point of view, because it gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind. But Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s comment on Madani’s controversial statement is also noteworthy.

Due to the democratic circumstances, the controversial words being spoken by our religious leaders and politicians from time to time, have increased the risk of adulteration of history, which is a dangerous trend. Due to this the objectivity of history is affected and the recognition of folk shruta history goes on getting polluted. If this process, which has been going on for centuries, does not stop even now and continues like this, then it will be difficult to identify sponsored historical distortions in the future. That’s why there is a need to be careful in time.

In such a situation, the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi should be alert and its experts should immediately issue a standard thematic note, so that the attempts of adulteration in history stop. Also, it should be made mandatory for the press and media to give proper place to institutional comments in the form of boxes in their news. Otherwise, the caste or communal disharmony that will increase through arguments, will not be good for the ideological public health of any secular country. That’s why I am warning everyone through this article as soon as there is time.

This is because when students of a particular community doing research under a strategy will cite media references in their research papers and will present clippings or video bytes of newspapers of different eras as evidence, then their guides will also Will not be able to dismiss it and in this way these things will get a place in the research records of universities, which will have their own dangers of planned misuse.

There is no doubt that Indian history is full of adulterations. Public opinion is also not left untouched by it. Some folktales also have artificial combinations. Certain books and ethno-religious souvenirs are becoming a bundle of ideological pollution. That’s why the nationalist Vajpayee-Modi government encouraged the efforts of history-rewriting. But parallel to that, the exercise of creating new religious, ethnic or regional history is gaining momentum and the tradition of teasing strange incidents related to it has been started by intellectuals of particular caste-community i.e. religious leaders, politicians and social workers. What is its standard form, what are the semantics, meaning and implications of religious-literary applications of various literary words used from past to present, it should be clarified.

Otherwise, politician Swami Prasad Maurya, who specializes in changing ‘blue’, ‘saffron’ and ‘green’ like a chameleon, and people like him, are making provocative interpretations of some couplets of Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi Religious syncretism argument presented by Maulana Arshad Madani on the last day of the session will lead to more absurd debates, which will strengthen human mobilization, but it will do no good, because these are emotive issues, which affect the public. are systematically given or made to divert the attention of the In this way, these knowledgeable things seem to be less and more ideological weapons.

If seen, Maulana Arshad Madani, in the session of Ramlila Maidan, Delhi, called the progenitor of the majority society in the country not as a Hindu, but as Manu i.e. Adam and his wife Hemvati i.e. Havva and then as a worshiper of Om i.e. Allah, till now That it is such a unique effort, whose positive effects will be less and negative effects will be more visible. Because other religious leaders started opposing him from the convention stage itself.

Let us tell you that on the statement of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat regarding the call for Gharwapsi i.e. to make the community Hindu again from Hindu to Muslim, when Maulana Arshad Madani said that “Om and Allah and Manu and Aadam are one. Islam is no religion for India. It is not a new religion, but Allah sent down Adam i.e. Manu here. He also sent down his wife Havva here, whom Hindus call Hamvati and she is the ancestor of all prophets, Muslims, Hindus, Christians”, then in opposition to his statement Religious leaders of other religions who had reached the convention left the stage.

There is no doubt that Madani’s questions have merit. Asking the question by them that “When there was no one, neither Shri Ram, nor Brahma nor Shiva, then whom did Manu worship. Some say that he used to worship Shiva, some people say that Manu used to worship Om (Om). Who is Om? Many people said that he has no form. He is everywhere. We call him Allah and you are God. Parsis call it Khuda and Christians God”, a valid question. But there is no merit in his arguments. Because he has tried to establish Allah equal to Om with his comments, which Hindus or Jains etc. will not accept at all.

It is okay that the views of Maulana Arshad Madani are not wrong from a secular and rational point of view, because it gives everyone the freedom to speak their mind. But Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s comment on Madani’s controversial statement is also noteworthy. That is, Madani’s remarks have exposed his ‘real’ mindset.

Going a step further from this, Jain saint Acharya Lokesh Muni saying that Lord Rishabhdev was the first Tirthankara, after whose son Bharata is the name of the country, has special significance in the background of Indian civilization and culture. He clearly said that we agreed only to live in harmony, but his stories about Om, Allah and Manu are wrong. He thought it appropriate to leave the convention inviting Madani for debate and other religious leaders also left the stage with him. He even alleged that Madani had completely vitiated the atmosphere of the session. You should know that Maulana Arshad Madani is struggling to become ‘Mohan Bhagwat’ of Muslims with his progressive statements.

To be honest, the above context is just a hallmark. Whereas in order to capture the Indian state power or to stay on it, different religious leaders, politicians and organization heads are serving different types of reverses in the Indian society, due to which the danger of adulteration in the ancient civilization and culture has increased. Is. This will harm the social harmony. In view of which the responsibility of the Indian executive, judiciary and autonomous organizations increases, because democratic values ​​and secularism are also important for them. However, they also have to understand very well that these democratic values ​​will also be safe only when the subject matter is not tampered with and if it is, then it should be made clear in time, so that there is no confusion among the people. are.

It is true that in the contemporary environment, the trend of creating democratic political perception has increased, due to which even caste-religion-language-region is not left untouched. Because through information revolution and social media, it has become easy to convey anything to the country and the world, which has taken the form of information war, due to which everyone is being affected. Undoubtedly, the politics of the party and the opposition is also being encouraged and deeply influenced by it.

In such a situation, the human mind also gets frustrated and angry with each other, due to which the imminent danger of social and communal unrest is increasing. That’s why it is expected from responsible constitutional institutions and institutions having subject expertise that they clarify the ideological adulteration happening in history at their level in time, so that their foolish democratic misuse cannot be done. In this lies the goodness of both history and present, otherwise…..!

– Kamlesh Pandey

senior journalist and columnist

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