Ukrenergo: the rate of restoration of the energy system of Ukraine is higher than the rate of destruction


The state of the energy system of Ukraine is better than it was recently, says Volodymyr Kudrytsky, chairman of the board of the national energy company Ukrenergo. In most regions of Ukraine, there is no forecast for a shortage of capacities on February 13, no shutdowns are expected. Energy officials believe that the pace of recovery is now higher than the rate of destruction.

“I can say that judging by the pace of recovery, it is now faster than the pace of destruction. Despite this, everything can change, so let’s not relax in advance. But if everything continues as it is now, then the situation will change for the better,” Mr. Kudritsky said on the air of the telethon (quoted by UNIAN).

Since October 2022, Russia has been attacking energy facilities in Ukraine. Since then, the country has been experiencing problems with a shortage of power system capacities. The last time Russia reported a strike on energy facilities was on February 10th. As stated in the message of the Ministry of Defense, the targets “ensuring the functioning of enterprises of the military-industrial complex and the transport system of Ukraine” were hit.

Leonid Uvarchev


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