Ukrainian media: Criminal proceedings initiated against RT guest author Tatyana Montyan

The Ukrainian secret service SBU announced on Friday that criminal proceedings had been initiated against the prominent lawyer and publicist Tatjana Montjan because of her publications and media appearances. Montjan is a harsh critic of the Kiev Maidan regime and has been a guest author for RT DE for the past three months.

Several Ukrainian media outlets unanimously reported on Friday that the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings against the prominent Ukrainian lawyer, publicist and recently rt– Columnist Tatjana Montjan introduced.

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Persecution and allegations of treason: Forty priests move from Ukraine to the Belgorod region

So writes the news platform, the Ukrainian secret service SBU accuses the “propagandist” of actively participating in “Russian informational-psychological warfare”. Now she has been informed of the suspicion based on four articles of the Ukrainian criminal code. The notification of suspicion is a highly formalized step in the Ukrainian criminal process, which initiates the formal part of criminal proceedings.

The western funded broadcaster Radio Svoboda (“Radio Freiheit”) claims that investigators have collected “exhaustive evidence” against the “pro-Kremlin propagandist”. The broadcaster’s report, published on Friday, quotes a press release from the SBU:

“While she is on the territory of the aggressor country, she takes an active part in informational and psychological special operations of the Russian special services. For this she regularly appears on Russian TV channels, where she actively promotes changes in the state borders of Ukraine and support for the occupying groups. “

The SBU add so Radio Svobodathat Montyan “massively spreads disinformation about the situation in Ukraine” through her own channels on YouTube and Telegram, which have almost half a million subscribers. According to the investigation, she left for Russia in 2021 and since then has been constantly visiting the “temporarily occupied areas” of Donetsk and Lugansk to prepare “propaganda stories in favor of the Kremlin regime”. The lawyer and publicist was accused of, among other things, “conspiracy to overthrow the state”, “collaboration”, “attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine” and “justification of the armed attack on Ukraine”.

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“That sealed the end of Ukraine” – Two years ago, Zelensky banned three opposition channels

RT DE Montjan confirmed to them that they were under investigation in Ukraine. She will comment on the allegations at a later date.

Tatyana Montian is a prominent Ukrainian lawyer and criminal defense attorney, publicist and blogger with an audience of millions. Still on the side of the first Maidan in 2004, she described the Euro-Maidan in autumn 2013 as the destruction of Ukrainian statehood and took a firm stand against it. Before the start of the Russian military intervention, she had to leave Kyiv after speaking at the UN about the situation in Ukraine. She currently lives in Donbass, is engaged in humanitarian aid and conducts daily video blogs. You can follow her on her Telegram channel. Your channel on YouTube was deleted by the US company in spring 2022.

RT DE first printed Monjan’s open letter to EU “chief diplomat” Borrell on February 5, 2022, entitled “You’re a hypocrite, Josep!”. Since November 2022, several opinion pieces have appeared from her pen, including: “Moscow just can’t help it: Russia has attacked NATO again!”, “Crosetto, what do Crosetto allow? – Italy threatens Russia with World War III” and “Dumb and stupid – How Russia could take advantage of the mistakes of the West”. For a few weeks now, the Ukrainian has also been running her own opinion column for the Russian-speaking newspaper rt.

The publication activity of the contentious lawyer was always open and visible to everyone. It is clear that she should be punished and muzzled for exercising her right to free speech.

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