Ukrainian draft dodgers escaped the draft through a charitable foundation

Official website of the President of Ukraine.  Moscow, chevron, APU

Law enforcement officers detained in the Kyiv region the head of a charitable foundation, which organized the illegal transfer of men of military age abroad under the guise of volunteers. This was reported in the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“Suspicion was reported to the head of the charitable foundation on the fact of illegal transportation of persons across the state border,” the statement reads. telegram channel departments. They added that the suspect specially organized a charitable foundation for the transfer of evaders across the border for a cash reward of 7.5 thousand dollars. Dodgers traveled outside of Ukraine on forged documents stating that they are volunteers, the department specified.

Earlier, a resident of Bukovina was detained in Ukraine, who also transported men of military age to Romania for a monetary reward. Until February 19, 2023, Ukrainian legislation prohibits men aged 18 to 60 from traveling abroad for the duration of martial law.


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