Ukraine asked the country for F-16 fighters

Ukraine is again asking another country to provide it with F-16 fighters. This time it’s about the Netherlands. As the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom, Kaisa Ollongren, said, Kyiv has already filed a corresponding application.

“Ukraine has indeed asked us to help with the supply of fighters. But this request is not easy to fulfill. We need to discuss the availability of the F-16 with the Americans and other allies,” — leads her words agency NOS.

She explained that before making a final decision, Amsterdam will evaluate all the possible consequences of this act. Plus, “it can’t happen overnight,” she added.

The Netherlands is not the first country that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has asked for fighter jets. So, the British government, in response to requests, stated that it had not yet made a final decision on the transfer, and one of the British ministers, according to media reports, reacted to Kyiv’s “Wishlist” quite sharply, saying that London “does not have fucking planes.” It was not possible to knock out the planes from Belgium either, for which Zelensky even shed a tear. In response, the Belgian prime minister said that they needed the planes themselves.


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