UAE invests in healthcare and tourism in Iraq

The two major oil exporters are working to strengthen their relationship.

Prime Minister of Iraq Muhammad Shia as-Sudani visited the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in order to strengthen economic ties between the two countries and improve coordination in solving regional problems. According to the joint statement, an agreement was reached to increase UAE investment in Iraq and develop trade relations.

As-Sudani met with the Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan and other government officials.

“Both sides have committed to support the UAE’s current and future investments in Iraq and to forge new partnerships. Work will also be carried out to increase the volume of trade between the countries,” the official statement said.

During his visit, Al-Sudani turned to the UAE for support in the development of Iraq’s healthcare system, as well as its tourism and sports sectors.

The leaders of the two countries stressed the importance of cooperation in solving regional problems and ensuring security. They also expressed their commitment to strengthening stability in the region, developing communication and dialogue, building bridges to the prosperity of their peoples.


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