U.S. Sanctions Six Chinese Organizations After Hot Air Balloon Destroyed


Five Chinese companies and one research institute have been blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. They were accused of supporting “the efforts to modernize the Chinese armed forces, especially the aerospace programs of the People’s Liberation Army, including airships and balloons,” reports Reuters.

Sanctions included Beijing Nanjiang Aerospace Technology and the 48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. Sanctions make it harder to export technology from the US. As Bloomberg reported earlier, the downed Chinese balloon in the United States had Western components.

The US sanctions followed the two appearances of balloons on US soil. One of them was Chinese, the origin of the second has not yet been established. The Pentagon believes that a Chinese balloon was watching American strategic facilities. Beijing claims the device was intended for meteorological purposes and entered US airspace by accident.

On the impact of events on politics in the United States – in the material “Kommersant” “The balloon fell on Joe Biden.”

Leonid Uvarchev


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