TV presenter Vovk told how she forgot the text during the first broadcast


Popular TV presenter Angelina Vovk forgot the text during the first broadcast. She spoke about the unpleasant situation in an interview with the publication “Evening Moscow“.

The artist recalled that she first appeared on television as the host of the Music Kiosk show, temporarily replacing Eleanor Belyaeva in this position. At the same time, the program was broadcast on Sundays and was very “watchable,” Vovk pointed out.

She noted that before the first broadcast, the editors brought her 15 sheets of text. The artist tried to learn the speech by heart, but during the recording she forgot her lines and was very scared.

“The Lord, seeing my insane fear, helped. The hitch lasted exactly a second, and then I continued to talk, ”Vovk noted.

She added that a strong friendship developed between her and the film crew. The editors more than once invited the TV presenter to shoot when Eleonora Belyaeva went on vacation.

Earlier, Angelina Vovk took part in the screening of the film “Cheburashka”, held in the building of the State Duma of Russia. During the event, the TV presenter could not hold back her tears.


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