Turkish rescuers rescue cat from rubble 110 hours after quake

NEVA NEWS |  Nadezhda Kapranova
NEVA NEWS | Nadezhda Kapranova

Rescuers in Turkey have rescued a cat that spent 110 hours under rubble from a devastating earthquake.

Judging by the video, outwardly the animal looks quite healthy. The cat was not afraid of the rescuers, but he did not immediately take water from them. The men carefully passed the animal from hand to hand to stroke and calm down, reports the Turkish edition of Sabah.

The surviving cat was not the first to be rescued from the rubble. Earlier, rescuers pulled out a dog, which also looked around in fright and surprise. However, after persistent attempts by people to please the animal, they managed to find a hike to him.

A devastating natural disaster occurred on 6 February. An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 hit Turkey. These were the most powerful aftershocks in the last 80 years, President Tayyip Erdogan said.


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