Turkish authorities will completely demolish the earthquake-affected city of Nurdagi


The city of Nurdagi, which was seriously damaged by the earthquake in Turkey, was decided to be completely demolished, he told the TV channel NTV Acting Governor Osman Bilgin. Upon completion of the rescue work, the authorities intend to rebuild the entire city.

“We have experienced a colossal disaster. We made a decision together with the Minister of Urban Development Kurum: we are removing all the rubble, the city is completely demolished – 100%. We found 150 dead under the rubble of the house alone. The city will be rebuilt,” said Mr. Bilgin (translation from “RIA News”).

Search and rescue operations in Nurdagi continue in the area of ​​the last eight houses, under the rubble of which people can remain, Osman Bilgin said. So, rescuers removed an 18-year-old surviving boy from under the rubble 160 hours after the disaster.

Nurdagi is a district center in the province of Gaziantep. According to the latest estimates, almost 17 thousand people lived in the city before the disaster.

An earthquake with an epicenter in Turkey occurred on the night of February 6. According to the latest figures from the authorities, the number of victims has reached 31,643 people. In Syria, which was also affected by the disaster, 3,581 people died, AFP reported. Bloomberg estimated the damage to the Turkish economy from earthquakes at $ 84 billion. The world community has concentrated on helping Ankara, while only a few provide humanitarian support to Syria.

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