Tripura Will See Change, Local Adjustment with Tipra Motha, Says Yechury

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This Tripura Elections, Communist Party Of India (M)-Congress Seat-sharing is the buzzword in town. There is a tacit understanding between the Tipra MothaThe top leadership believes that the same applies to you.

As News18 people spoke only about CPI(M). National Secretary Sitaram YechuryHe stated that there was a change.

Edited excerpts:

What’s the mood on ground?

There It is a change of mood. People People are fed up and want to see change. They have unleashed terror over the past four years, so it’s important to change.

What The local level adjustment is with Tipra Motha?

See How to get there Bharatiya Janata Party Here, the government of the (BJP). It It has become difficult for the common man. We We believe in democratic forces uniting, and that is why we have shook hands Congress. We Many discussions with MothaBut it was not to be. I believe that local level adjustments will be possible. That’s the mood on ground. If It happens locally, and then we have nothing else to say. Division No requirement for votes

You Are you calling the Trinamool Congress Do you want to be a part of the fight?

They Are not democratic. See what they do in BengalThey have decimated democracy. No You don’t have to go anywhere without them.

Why Did you join forces with the Congress?

See People are now making this alliance. Last The year is the way Tripura We were faced with terror and had to make a choice. Not Only in Tripura, we’re with the Congress Everywhere, except KeralaSimply because it is what the situation calls for.

You You have reached the Election Commission Of India (EC)…

Intimidation Money distribution and money collection have already begun, so it is crucial that we visit the EC. We Not required Central Forces not from a BJP dominated area. It is the EC’s responsibility to look into it. Our They will be accompanied by a delegation.

What Are the numbers you have in mind?

Things We are certain that things will change. We can’t give a number, Tripura We will see a shift.

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