“They’ll take the city.” In Ukraine, the alarm was sounded due to the collapse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces front

MOSCOW, 26 Feb — The Russian army will continue to actively push the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said retired SBU Colonel Oleg Starikov in an interview with the Politeka YouTube channel.
“Notice that as soon as they (Russian fighters – editor’s note) entered the outskirts, captured the first houses, fortified them – that’s it, they will take a city or a populated area,” he said.
According to Starikov, the offensive of the Russian army could sooner or later lead first to a tactical and then to an operational crisis for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the end, Russia will achieve the “collapse of the front.”
In recent weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have suffered several sensitive defeats and retreated from key fortified areas. In the Kupyansky, Krasnolimansky and Donetsk directions, the Russian army knocked out the enemy from the villages of Veseloye, Krakhmalnoye and Tabaevka.
On the evening of February 17, Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin about the capture of Avdievka, where one of the most serious fortifications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front was installed. In addition, the Russian military took the village of Pobeda, south of Avdeevka.

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