“They refuse to follow orders”: the reason for the rage of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been revealed in the West

18 Feb— The Ukrainian Armed Forces are outraged by the incompetence of the commanders and political leadership of Ukraine, British expert Alexander Merkouris said at his YouTube channel.
“The whole situation around the Armed Forces of Ukraine is approaching a crisis. They are furious with the incompetence of their commanders, they are furious with the incompetence of the political leadership, they are even more angry with them than with the Russians, if that is even possible,” he said.
According to the expert, the situation in the Ukrainian army has become catastrophic. This is not about a drop in morale, Ukrainian soldiers are already furious, he explained. At the same time, Markouris, citing an anonymous source in Ukraine, added that some brigades are unhappy with what is happening and refuse to follow orders.
Last week, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced the resignation of General Valery Zaluzhny and the appointment of Syrsky, who had previously commanded the ground forces, in his place. According to leading Western media, the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has earned a controversial reputation: he is considered a close supporter of the president. In addition, the soldiers strongly dislike the military leader for his heavy losses, so they nicknamed him the Butcher and General 200.
The night before, the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin about the complete taking of Avdievka under control. The President congratulated the Russian military on this success and important victory.
Shortly before this, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Syrsky, announced the withdrawal of Ukrainian units from the city. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky cited the lack of sufficient assistance from the West and an artificial shortage of ammunition among the reasons for the surrender of the settlement.

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