“They don’t want to trust.” In the USA they talked about Syrsky’s problems over Avdeevka

February 18/ Radio Sputnik. The sudden defeat of the Ukrainian army in Avdiivka reduced the chances of the new commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Syrsky, to earn the trust of the Ukrainians, says retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis.
On the air of his blog on the YouTube channel, he notedthat for the Ukrainian Armed Forces there is a terrible situation in tactical and operational terms, and the Russian army has ammunition, drones, aircraft and air defense systems in the quantities necessary for further offensive actions.
According to Davis, the West wanted to weaken Russia with the Ukrainian conflict, but as a result, the opposite is happening: it is becoming stronger diplomatically, economically and militarily.
Radio Sputnik also wrote that the Ukrainian Armed Forces see Syrsky as a murderer.
Such Telegram channel, like ours, no one has. It is for those who want to draw their own conclusions.

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