There is not enough money in Kabul again – old Afghanis are creeping out of disrepair

Residents of the capital of Afghanistan are experiencing problems with cash – dilapidated banknotes cannot be used, and new ones that have recently arrived in the country are distributed only to civil servants and they are not available to ordinary Afghans. This was announced today, February 10, according to TOLOnews.

Last month, the Central Bank of Afghanistan announced that it had begun the process of distributing 100 million new banknotes to the country’s commercial banks. The first tranche with afghanis in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 was distributed to banks, and the dilapidated banknotes were withdrawn from circulation. The Central Bank urged citizens to make more efforts to save banknotes. However, this does not help.

“When we go to banks, they don’t give us new banknotes, saying that the new banknotes are only for government employees and not for ordinary people, we call on the government to distribute these banknotes to people so that both ordinary people and government officials can use it. employees”, says Ashullah from Kabul.

“Yesterday I withdrew money from my account. The banknotes were worn out, when I asked for new banknotes, they said that now there are problems, when the problems are over, we will distribute new banknotes,” said a resident of Kabul named Ghulam Farok.

“When I received my salary, half of it was in new banknotes and half in worn ones. It suits me”, Javid, a traffic police officer, objects.

“The banknotes are very worn out. Many of them are invalid. We don’t even know if there are new banknotes,” – said a resident of Kabul named Murad.

The trade union of owners of exchange offices called for an urgent solution to the problem.

“There are many denominations of banknotes on the market, and they are worn out. I call on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the self-name of the country by the Taliban) and the Central Bank to pay serious attention to this issue so that banknotes of 500 and 1000 denominations are put into circulation,” – said Abdul Rahman Zirakrepresentative of Sarai Shahzada Money Exchanger.

In November, a member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank of Afghanistan Shah Mehrabi announced that a contract had been signed with Oberthur Fiduciarie for 390 million Afghan banknotes, with a total value of about 10 billion Afghani. Earlier, two batches of Afghan banknotes printed in Poland by PWPW arrived in Kabul.

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