There is no and never will be sympathy for the Nazis in Russia, Putin said


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Russian President Vladimir Putin

NIZHNY TAGIL, 15 Feb – There is and will not be any sympathy for the Nazis in Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a conversation with Uralvagonzavod workers.
The president noted that anti-Russian politicians in Ukraine came to power after the collapse of the USSR “because they behaved impudently and had support from abroad, primarily from the States, of course.” “Well, because of this, everything happened. And those who once collaborated with the Nazis remained in these positions, and are now doing the same,” Putin believes.
The Russian leader explained why the glorification of Bandera, Shukhevych and other similar characters is taking place in Ukraine. “Because they say that they allegedly worked and collaborated with the fascists, with the Nazis, with the Nazis and with Hitler, sought the independence of Ukraine, and then the Germans began to persecute them,” the president said. “So they began to persecute them, not because they abandoned their views, but because they kept their nose to the wind, realized that Germany was losing the war, and began to restore, try to improve relations with the Western allies,” he added, noting that “The Germans immediately saw them, scratched and went to the camps.”
According to Putin, because of this, the idea arose that Bandera, Shukhevych and others like them “are not really Nazis at all.” “They are natural Nazis, one hundred percent!” – assured the head of state. According to him, these people “began to turn their noses up there, to think about who else to rely on, not because they changed their minds or changed their views,” “but because they realized that Nazi Germany was losing the war.” “That’s all. They were Nazis and still are. But their last ones – neo-Nazis – are absolutely the same as those with whom we fought during the Great Patriotic War,” said the Russian leader.
Putin especially emphasized that “if today someone speaks from the same positions, in a broader format, then these are people who betray their fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, those who really fought against Nazism.” “Now they are aligned according to the political situation, it’s more profitable. They look at those in power,” he said, emphasizing that Ukraine is ruled by those who “were promoted to power in various ways, and through subtle work with large groups of the population.” , stuck, they control the territory of these people.”

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