The Washington Post: US warns Ukraine of turning point in conflict with Russia


U.S. officials say ‘turning point’ in conflict with Russia during visit to Ukraine, sources say The Washington Post. And while Washington has pledged to support Kyiv “for as long as it takes,” it sees the latest aid packages as the best way to “turn the tide of the war.”

According to WP, the White House is working with Congress to approve $10 billion in budgetary assistance to Ukraine. In addition, the Joe Biden administration may announce a new military aid package next week, on the anniversary of the entry of Russian troops. In the same period, new anti-Russian sanctions are expected to be introduced.

Washington expects a turning point in the spring, when, as the American side expects, Russia will launch an offensive, and Ukraine – “a counteroffensive to regain lost territories.” US military analysts warn that it will not be possible to simultaneously hold Artemovsk (Bakhmut) and attempt a counteroffensive. According to officials, “if Ukraine continues to fight wherever Russia sends its troops, it will only work into the hands of Moscow.”

The US is urging Ukraine to give priority to the spring counteroffensive. According to one of the American officials, the loss of Artemovsk will not lead to “a significant strategic shift on the battlefield.”

In addition, according to WP, US intelligence has come to the conclusion that Ukraine will not be able to occupy Crimea. The Ukrainian troops at the moment do not have enough opportunities for this.


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