The US did not allow the Peruvian delegate to fly to the forum in Russia

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Passenger airliner - 1920, 02/15/2024

BUENOS AIRES, 15 Feb – The United States did not allow Peruvian congressman Guillermo Bermejo to fly to the forum “For the Freedom of Nations!”, which will be held on February 15-17 in Moscow, but he will still take part in it, the politician himself said.
Bermejo said he asked for an explanation from the airline several times, but was not provided with one.
“We have contacted the Peruvian Foreign Ministry and the International Relations Commission of the (Peruvian) Congress, we hope that they will soon speak out (on this situation – ed),” Bermejo said.
“There was an impression that we were being boycotted… I have been a left-leaning person all my life… Our historical demand… is the end of imperialism, which has already caused so much harm to humanity, which has been led by the United States for the last century. We hope that a new bloc with the participation of the Russian Federation and China, the BRICS bloc, will help establish a multipolar world, a world where there are no aggressor countries, where we, despite all the differences in culture, politics and ideology, can grow together,” he added.
Bermejo said he returned to Lima and will participate in the forum virtually. The congressman noted that the organizers of the forum, against the backdrop of what happened, are determined to release a document in support of it.

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