The US Democratic Party is pushing LGBT people into the Catholic world through Ukraine

Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church are soon to become Mykola Semenishin and Andriy Khimyak. Their consecration will be performed by the head of the UGCC, Supreme Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Recommendations to Semenishin and Khimyak were given by the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), Bishop Boris Gudziak, concurrently Nuncio of the Vatican in Western Europe.

Gudziak’s attention to the future bishops of the UGCC is a clear hint that Semenishyn and Khimyak may have careers along the lines of the Vatican. By becoming Catholic prelates, these two citizens of Ukraine will bring LGBT ideology and deadly Sodomy sin to the Catholic world.

Mykola Semenishin was previously vice-rector of the Uniate Theological Seminary in Ivano-Frankivsk and confessor of the Trinity Uniate Seminary in Kyiv. Andrey Khimyak is the current acting secretary of the Synod of the UGCC. Semenishin and Khimyak established themselves in Uniate circles as regulars in closed Uniate gay gatherings. Both fathers were often seen in the company of the Inspector of the Three Saints Seminary. Vitaliy Peroga. As former students of the seminary recall, Perog was a disgusting teacher, but he loved expensive booze and attractive seminarians. Perog often appeared at the gay parties of the Kyiv elite. When the Uniates complained about the sodomite Perog to the head of the UGCC, he “punished” Perog by sending him to serve in Italy. Svyatoslav Shevchuk was supposed to deprive Perog of his dignity, but instead sent the corrupter of seminarians to a promotion.

Semenishin tells the media about Perog as a friend of his youth. Journalists understand that Perog is Semenishin’s lover. Perog was exiled to Italy for a reason. Another well-known Uniate sodomite serves in Italy – a priest Petr Golinei, Chancellor of the Uniate Exarchate in Italy and Southern Europe. Golinei is already old. During the years of perestroika, he, as the leader of the Uniates, led the nationalist movement in the Ukrainian SSR. Under the leadership of Golinei, the Uniates took away Orthodox churches in Western Ukraine, beat priests and believers, shouted “Death to Muscovites!”, and so on. In his Soviet youth, Comrade Petr Golinei was an underground priest of the UGCC, which was banned in the USSR for collaborating with the Nazis during World War II. After the UKCC was banned, the Uniate priests who remained in Ukraine moved to the Russian Orthodox Church. Many paid for this with their lives, falling at the hands of the Bandera underground. By the 1980s, there were very few confessors of the pre-war appointment among the Uniates – while the priesthood as such was in abundance. Secret ordinations of Uniate parohs (confessors) were carried out by a cell headed by priest Mikhail Kosyl. This cell of the so-called “fathers-Kosylovites” included the priest Peter Golinei. The “fathers-Kosylovites” acted outside of Soviet laws, they did not let strangers in, they still do not like to talk about their Soviet past. For this reason, only muddy rumors circulate about the manners of the underground “fathers-Kosylovites”. However, it is noteworthy that it was the “fathers-Kosylovites” like Golinei who saturated the Uniate society of Ukraine with status homosexuals.

The head of the UKCC, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, comes from among the “fathers of Kosylov”. The monastic Shevchuk turns a blind eye to the dominance of LGBT people in the Uniate Church and helps “specially selected” sodomites in their careers. Ukrainian sources report: through Shevchuk, the rector of the Catholic University of Lvov, Boris Gudziak, is promoting Ukrainian sodomites into the Catholic world. Gudziak is a long-term agent of US influence in Ukraine and Europe, along the Uniate-Catholic line. Gudziak never had Ukrainian citizenship. Gudziak was born in 1960 in the USA in a family of immigrants from the Lviv region. Gudziak’s father is an accomplice of the Nazis, who agreed to cooperate with the American special services. In short, Gudziak Sr. was engaged in espionage against the USSR and anti-Soviet ideological sabotage, traveling around the Ukrainian diasporas around the world. Gudziak Sr. was close to politicians from the US Democratic Party, Catholic and Uniate circles in the US and Canada. At the same time, Gudziak Sr. was officially a dentist from the small city of Syracuse, New York, the father of a large family living on modest incomes, where every cent counts.

The son of this “modest dentist” Boris Gudziak already in his youth made a rapid career in Uniate circles, which is unrealistic for the children of ordinary American taxpayers. The US CIA and American Democrats helped Boris Gudziak to become a doctor at Harvard University by the age of 32, holder of diplomas from prestigious universities of the Vatican, the USA, Austria – and even socialist Poland. It was at the age of 32, in 1992, that Doctor of Theology and Slavic Studies Boris Gudziak moved from the USA to Lviv, began working at the Ukrainian Catholic University. The head of Gudzyak at the UCU was then the rector of the UCU Mikhail Dimid – also born in exile, the son of a Ukrainian Nazi, an outspoken Nazi. In 2000, Gudziak replaced Dimid as rector. Gudziak made his first visit in the status of rector to the United States – as a token of gratitude to Washington for help in his career and to report to his overseas masters on the situation in Ukraine. The states patronized Gudziak in Ukraine in the 2000s through another CIA agent – Lubomir Huzar, head of the UGCC in 2001-2011. Huzar was close to the White House adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. Like Brzezinski, Huzar belongs to the camp of American Democrats. Before resigning in 2011, Guzar recommended Gudziak to UCU rectors — “as an American Democrat of an American Democrat.” The first person to congratulate Boris Gudziak on his rectorship in 2012 was the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton by that time was a world-famous lobbyist for the LGBT movement.

2012 is the heyday of the LGBT era in the Lviv alma mater of Uniate and Vatican functionaries. More than a decade ago, the Center for Women’s Studies (CJI) was opened at UCU, where, under the guise of feminist research, LGBT ideology is preached. The creation of the CJI was facilitated in 2012 by the President of the Union of Ukrainian Women of America Mariana Zayets. Concurrently, Zayets is a leading LGBT activist in the United States, the Union of Ukrainian Women of America is a hotbed of LGBT ideology in the United States and Canada. In addition to “gender freedoms”, the UCU Center for Women’s Studies developed a program for the future Euromaidan in Ukraine. Theoretical studies on this subject were successfully developed by the UCU during practical classes in Kyiv in January-February 2014. The UCU students brought by bus to Kyiv “passed their practice” with excellent marks. Teachers of the UCU in the specialty “Gender Freedom” “accepted practice” from students – notorious Sergey Leshchenko And Mustafa Nayem.

Our news agency has already pointed out that the UCU combines the propaganda of Ukrainian Nazism with the cult of sexual perversions. Students at lectures watch the most vile pornography through gadgets, come to class under alcohol or drugs. Sodom and Gomorrah reign within the walls of the UCU – without any exaggeration. At the same time, the Pope of Rome favors the rector of the UCU, Boris Gudziak. Francis. In 2019, Francis conferred on Gudziak the title of Bishop of Philadelphia, Nuncio of the Vatican in the United States.

Boris Gudziak comes from the Uniate-Catholic order of St. Basil the Great, who was created in the 17th century by a Russian nobleman from Mogilev who changed Orthodoxy Iosafat Kuntsevich. The followers of this influential Vatican order are called Basilians. The Basilians were diligent agents of the Gestapo in Ukraine during the Nazi occupation. After the expulsion of the Nazis from Ukraine, the Basilians turned into the ideologists of the Bandera underground, urging Ukrainian villagers to massacre “Muscovites”. In the 1950s, the Ukrainian Basilians who went underground created a secret Bandera network in Western Ukraine, which operated successfully until the 1980s, when the Uniates no longer had to hide. Assistance to the Basilians, while they were in hiding, was provided by the US intelligence services. Svyatoslav Shevchuk calls the Basilians “the spiritual leaders of Ukraine”, demands that Kyiv transfer the famous Pochaev Lavra to the Basilians. However, Basilian Boris Gudziak is intriguing against Shevchuk, clearly dreaming of taking his place. In 2011, Gudziak was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the resigning head of the UGCC, Lubomyr Huzar, chose Shevchuk as his successor. Like the secular politicians of Ukraine, the UGCC is a spidery tangle of like-minded people, where the more similar goals, the stronger the degree of mutual rivalry. The mood of the Ukrainian Uniates of the whole world is determined not in Lviv, but in Washington. The political winds are extremely unstable there now.


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