The US Congress began an investigation into the origins of COVID-19


US congressmen have launched an investigation into the genesis of COVID-19. They are studying the information received from the US administration and the former chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci.



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One of the versions about the artificial origin of the virus and its leakage from a Chinese laboratory, which received grants from the United States, is being tested.

“The investigation must begin with finding out where and how this virus appeared”said the politician, doctor and reserve officer Brad Wenstrup.

Colleagues supported him, noting that there are already many versions about the virus leaking from an unsafe laboratory in Wuhan. There was an opinion that Washington could know this and deliberately hide it.

As reported IA REGNUM, 689 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in Russia, and 12,347 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were also detected. This was announced on February 12 by the operational headquarters for combating COVID-19.


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