The US announced the inability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to compete with the Russian army

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russia is superior to Ukraine in weapons, and the West will not help Kyiv close this gap. This was stated by former US Marine Brian Berletic.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces would need a greater advantage in artillery than what Russia already had, and they would never have received that much. Also, counter-battery guns – they don’t have nearly the number that Russia has,” the ex-marine said in an interview with the publication The New Atlas. He noted that Western partners would never supply so much weapons to Kyiv.

Berletik added that America was initially confident of Ukraine’s victory. However, the United States has now admitted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering heavy losses and are absolutely not moving forward. “Everyone in the West said it was impossible for Ukraine to fail the counteroffensive. Now, hopefully, they are opening their eyes to the harsh reality,” he said.

Kyiv’s counteroffensive began in early June. However, the Ukrainian army was unable to achieve significant results. The CIA stated that this operation was doomed to failure. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at the Eastern Economic Forum that the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 71 thousand people. Former lieutenant commander of the US Army Jonah Nagl said that Ukraine must make a breakthrough before the end of autumn; later they will no longer be able to achieve their goals.

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