The United States helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine direct HIMARS for strikes on Russia

The Washington Post: The US is helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine direct HIMARS jet systems for strikes on Russia

The U.S. Army is helping Ukraine pinpoint targets in multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) strikes against Russia, The Washington Post wrote Feb. 9, citing officials in Washington and Kyiv.

HIMARS multiple launch rocket system

HIMARS multiple launch rocket system

Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

We are talking about the use of HIMARS installations and other long-range weapons. It is noted that coordination is carried out through the American command, which is located in one of the European countries.

At the same time, a high-ranking official from the United States, with whom journalists spoke, claims that Kyiv allegedly independently chooses the targets on which it plans to strike, and the function of the American side is exclusively advisory.

The publication states that this issue is sensitive for Washington, since the United States rejects its participation in hostilities for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As reported IA REGNUMFebruary 9, a group of American parliamentarians led by a Republican by Matt Goetz submitted a resolution to the US Congress on the termination of military and financial assistance to Ukraine.


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