The United States has revealed who Russia is “hunting” for in the special operation zone

MOSCOW, 26 Feb — The Russian army has deprived the Ukrainian Armed Forces of effective unmanned aircraft by actively destroying drone operators, former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in interview Gegenpol YouTube channel.
“The best way to stop these drones is to eliminate the people who control them. And the Russians destroyed these people,” the expert said.
According to Ritter, the Russian military very quickly adapted to the massive use of drones by the Ukrainians. The Russian Armed Forces targeted and destroyed both individual Ukrainian Armed Forces specialists and entire squads of UAV operators.
“Currently, the Ukrainians cannot conduct effective operations with drones,” the former intelligence officer noted.
Last week, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense published data on the destruction of air targets in the Northern Military District zone for the period from February 17 to February 23, 2024. According to the department, in a week Russian troops destroyed 652 Ukrainian Armed Forces drones. In total, during the special operation, the Russian Armed Forces shot down 13,223 Ukrainian drones.