The UN has recognized the authenticity of the video recording of the execution of a Russian prisoner of war

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights considers the video published yesterday, February 9, in which, presumably, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine kills a Russian prisoner of war, to be authentic. OHCHR expressed concern to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine regarding the treatment of prisoners of war. This was reported TASS OHCHR representative Marta Hurtado.

“We are also aware of another video that has surfaced on social media that includes additional footage of the original incident and also appears to show a Ukrainian soldier confessing to the murder and trying to justify it by claiming that the victims refused to surrender or that they were part of the military contractors and security contractors of the Wagner Group (PMC Wagner.— “b”) fighting on the side of the Russian Federation,” said the representative of the OHCHR.

She stated that these explanations did not justify the soldier’s actions under humanitarian law. Ms. Hurtado also stressed that the monitoring mission documents reports of violations of international humanitarian law by all parties. She added that the UN monitoring mission will try to collect and analyze more information about the incident.

One of the first videos with the execution of a prisoner of war was published by the channel of the creator of the “Men’s State” Vladislav Pozdnyakov (the movement is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned), then it was published by blogger Anatoly Shariy and chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov. In the video, a man speaking Ukrainian is shot in the head by a soldier in a Russian military uniform, who is lying on the ground. The ICR intends to conduct an investigation. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the “Western curators” of Ukraine are responsible for what happened. The ministry also condemned relevant international structures for their silence.

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Erdni Kagaltynov


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