The travel agency told where it is cheapest to fly from Tyumen for the May holidays

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From Tyumen in Russia, the cheapest way is to fly to rest in Dagestan. The cost of a tour for six days there starts from 57 thousand rubles. This was told to the correspondent of URA.RU by the employees of the travel agency “More Tours”.

“If we consider tours around Russia for the May holidays with a departure from Tyumen, then the tour to Dagestan will be the most profitable. The cost of the tour starts from 57 thousand rubles for two for six nights. It includes flights and accommodation, meals – breakfast, ”the Sea of ​​Tours reports.

The tour operator named Sochi as the next budget destination. Rest there starts from 59 thousand rubles for a flight and accommodation for two people. A tour to Abkhazia will cost more. You will have to get there through Sochi and then by bus. The cost of the trip starts from 74 thousand rubles for two.

According to the staff of the More Tours travel agency, direct flights from Tyumen to Sri Lanka will be canceled in May. Turkish destinations open. The cost of tours there will start from one hundred thousand rubles. This year, holidays in Turkey will cost Tyumen residents more due to the lack of other routes with direct flights.


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