The State Duma believes that the West has gone all-in on Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, February 21 – State Duma deputy from Sevastopol, member of the International Affairs Committee Dmitry Belik said that the West, with the supply of long-range missiles, decided to go all-in in the Ukrainian conflict, trying to exert psychological pressure on Russia.
Previously, an informed source said that the West demanded that Kiev provide a list of targets on Russian territory and justify the feasibility of striking them, and that the operation and use of extended-range combat missiles supplied to Ukraine be carried out under the control of NATO specialists.
“Today the West is concerned not about Ukraine, but about its investments that it has made there. Therefore, apparently, Western curators decided to go for broke, throwing everything at stake, trying to exert psychological pressure on Russia. I think that at this stage It’s unlikely that anyone will give Ukraine weapons capable of hitting the center of Russia,” Belik said. According to him, the choice of targets on Russian territory already implies the participation of the West in the military conflict, and not indirectly, but most directly.
“The time has come to discard false thoughts about some kind of political caution of the West in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The supply of long-range missiles is the last convincing argument,” the deputy emphasized.
Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the demilitarized zone in Ukraine should be at a distance that would ensure the safety of peaceful Russian cities from shelling by long-range weapons, primarily foreign-made, which the Ukrainian authorities use to shell peaceful cities.