The star of “Soldier” Roman Madayanov told how he got someone else’s role

Global Look Press |  Ekaterina Tsvetkova/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Ekaterina Tsvetkova/Russian Look

Honored Artist of Russia, 60-year-old theater and film actor Roman Madayanov recalled how, at the dawn of his career, he received someone else’s role. The Soviet actor Mikhail Zharov helped in this future star of the series “Soldiers”.

According to the actor, then he got a cameo role in the film “Aniskin and Fantômas”. Arriving one day at a rehearsal, Madayanov saw another boy with difficulty pronouncing his text.

“Mikhail Ivanovich says: “Romik, come here. Sit down with me Here is the text again. We sat down with him immediately played the scene, he instantly caught the mood and said to the film crew: “What are you worth? Come on, put the camera on. Vaughn Romka will tell the whole text. Here I played. It turns out that I sat that boy, but it was not my fault. It happened!” – quotes him “AiF”.

Earlier, the Serbian actor Lubomir Ristic, known to the audience for his role in the film Outpost, admitted that he dreamed of working in Russia from birth.


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