The scandalous ex-deputy will ruin the election of the future speaker of the Yekaterinburg Duma

Meeting of the City Duma with the participation of Metropolitan Kirill.  Ekaterinburg, Borovik Evgeniy, Karavaev Alexander

The Supreme Court sided with ex-Ekaterinburg Duma deputy Evgeniy Borovik, who tried to register as a self-nominated candidate for the 2023 elections. Borovik himself told URA.RU about this and announced that he would challenge the results of the elections in district No. 9, where the future speaker of the Duma Anna Gurariy won.

To register, Borovik had to pass 241 signatures, he brought 265 – with a reserve. First, the commission – with the involvement of a handwriting expert from the Ministry of Internal Affairs – invalidated 27 signatures, Borovik managed to “recapture” two of them (the commission recognized a technical error). However, the final result is approved 240 signatures out of 265 – he is still not satisfied. Borovik went to the district court and won. They recognized the decision of the Kirov Territorial Election Commission (TEC) to refuse registration as illegal.

It was even beneficial for the mayor’s office: Borovik would have pulled votes away from Gurary’s main opponent, Yabloko deputy Konstantin Kiselyov, financed by billionaire Vitaly Kochetkov (“Motiv”). But one of the top officials in the region decided that it was impossible to allow Borovik to participate in the elections. And he lost first in the regional court, and then in cassation. And Gurariy calmly won – 41.02% against Kiselyov’s 18.56%.

And on September 11, the day after the vote, the Supreme Court determined (the decision was prepared only on September 18, it is at the disposal of the agency): “Uphold the decision of the Kirovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg dated July 31, 2023.”

“This is enough to appeal the election results in a particular district. This is what I will do,” Borovik announced.

At the same time, the secretary of the Lenin TEC – the main administrator of the elections – Vadim Antoshin told the correspondent that Borovik has no chance. “This does not entail any direct consequences for the past election campaign. He might try to do it [оспорить], he has the right to do so. Just a solution in itself [суда] does not question the election results,” Antoshin noted. An electoral lawyer, equidistant from the mayor’s office and Borovik, shared the same opinion with URA.RU.

As URA.RU wrote, Anna Gurariy will most likely be elected speaker of the Duma on September 26. Her candidacy is still being approved.

Borovik was a deputy in 2013-2018. The political party knows him from a number of scandals, including a fight in the toilet with his colleague Oleg Khabibullin and a criminal case for comparing Lutherans with Hitler during protests in Blucher Park. In the summer of 2018, Borovik went abroad after the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against him at the request of ex-Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak. The journalist was offended that Borovik announced a competition to see who could better “put down” Sobchak.

In 2022, Borovik tried to take part in the by-elections to the Duma in Verkh-Isetsky constituency No. 2, and also ran as a self-nominated candidate. But he voluntarily abandoned the idea – according to one version, after a call from officials to his alleged sponsor Fyodor Dudkin (Skon Group of Companies).

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