The Russians have lost the traditional source of free packages for the home


If McDonald’s fast food restaurants, and now Vkusno i Tochka for Russians, are not only a network where you can have a quick bite, but also the largest network of free toilets in the country, then Wildberries points for many years were a place where people got free packages. But since February 13, as follows from the message on the site of the marketplace itself, the packages have become paid.

According to official figures, the cost will vary from 6 to 15 rubles.

Message when entering the client’s personal account: “From February 13, if you need a package for goods at the point of issue, you can purchase it. The cost of the package will be from six to 15 rubles and will be debited from the card indicated in the personal account..

In this way, the company is not only trying to reduce costs, but also contribute to the reduction of plastic use. It is expected that the turnover of packages will decrease, and buyers will begin to come shopping with their “container”.

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