The RF OP proposes to reduce the retirement age for fathers with many children


Izvestia: The Civic Chamber of Russia initiates early retirement for fathers of three or more children

The initiative to reduce the retirement age for fathers with many children came from the Public Chamber of Russia. It is proposed to send them to a well-deserved rest no more than five years earlier, Izvestia reported. Public activists also consider it necessary to provide for large families the possibility of allocating up to 450 thousand rubles for mortgage repayment.

father of many children

Father of many children


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The corresponding proposals are set out in a set of measures developed by social activists in order to solve demographic problems and protect families. The need for such an initiative is justified by the fact that the demographic situation in Russia is close to emergency. It is expected that the changes will lead to an increase in the number of large families due to a set of measures for the birth of the third and subsequent children. In addition, public activists expect that the implementation of their proposal will lead to a reduction in the number of abortions and support working parents.

The unmet need for children in the age group of 30-40 years is the largest reserve for restoring the birth rate in our country in the coming years“, the letter from the Public Chamber says.

According to the calculations of social activists, the early retirement of fathers with many children will require no more than 250-300 billion rubles a year, but the birth rate is expected to grow by 11% per year. Such a result in the OP was called comparable to what was achieved due to the introduction of maternity capital in 2007.

As reported IA REGNUMin December 2022 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects, he instructed to prepare a package of measures to improve the demographic situation in the country. He ordered that relevant proposals be submitted at the beginning of 2023.


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