The results of the presidential elections were summed up in Cyprus

The former Foreign Minister of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, became the winner of the next presidential election in Cyprus. In the second round, he won 51.97% of the vote. His main competitor was the well-known diplomat Andreas Mavroyiannis, who secured the support of 48.03% of voters.

During the election campaign, Christodoulides acted as a conservative, able to unite all Cypriots, regardless of their political views and ideology. Despite the fact that the future head of state ran as an independent candidate, he received regular support in the local information space from centrist parties and right-wing political forces, AP reports.

After the final vote count, Christodoulidis declared that his top priority as president would be to “end the Turkish occupation” of Cyprus. According to the winner of the election race, the current status of an ethnically divided country categorically does not suit him, so he will focus his main efforts on building a constructive dialogue in order to unite the republic. At the same time, he stated that at the moment the negotiation process is at an impasse.

Representatives of the local expert community agree that in addition to territorial disputes in the northern part of the island, Christodoulidis and his team will also have to solve economic problems, mainly related to high inflation rates.

The current president of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades, in accordance with the constitution of the island nation, cannot run for a third term.

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