The Prime Minister of Ukraine said that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues

TOKYO, 21 Feb – Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal told a Japanese TV channel NHKthat the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues, but it does not bring the results that Ukraine’s partners expected.
“The counter-offensive continues, but, unfortunately, it does not bring the results that we and friendly countries wanted. We have the problem of a shortage of shells at the front, but through drones, robots and new technologies such as electronic warfare, we are trying to overcome this problem “, Shmygal said.
At the same time, the Prime Minister hinted at some new developments that would “show interesting results” this year in the Black Sea. “I believe that this year we will show very important and interesting results. This is not so much a counter-offensive, it is the beginning of the use of new technologies and the result of this will be visible in the Black Sea, and then at the front,” the head of the Cabinet emphasized.
He also insists on implementing the “Zelensky peace formula,” citing the fact that due to the fact that Russia has nuclear weapons, it will not be possible to win “in a military sense.” “Russia is a nuclear power, so we understand that even if we regain most of the territory, we will not be able to win in a military sense,” Shmygal said.
The Prime Minister of Ukraine was on a visit to Japan, where he took part in a bilateral conference to promote assistance for the reconstruction of Ukraine.
The Ukrainian counteroffensive began on June 4, and three months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: the “counteroffensive” is not just stalled, “it’s a failure.” At the beginning of December, attempts to attack cost Kyiv the loss of more than 125 thousand military killed and wounded. As Putin said on the December direct line, the West gave Ukraine everything it promised, and even more – during this time the Russian Armed Forces destroyed 2.3 thousand armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including 747 tanks, both Soviet and Western (Leopard, AMX, Challenger 2). According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not achieve their goals in any of the areas.
Against this background, the United States announced that the offensive would last for “a much larger number of months,” and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexey Danilov, bitterly stated that it was time to “send to the archives” the outdated NATO training manuals. The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, wrote about the West’s fear that the final collapse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield could happen this winter.