The President of Moldova accused Moscow of trying to overthrow the government in Chisinau


The President of Moldova suspected Russia of organizing a coup d’état in the country

President of Moldova Maya Sandu stated that there was evidence of Kyiv’s version that Russia was going to take actions to destabilize the situation in Chisinau. For this, they also intended to attract saboteurs, she believes. The Moldovan leader expressed her opinion at a briefing.



Olga Shklyarova © IA REGNUM

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“Through violent actions disguised as protests of the so-called opposition, they will force a change of power in Chisinau,” Maia Sandu said.

She stressed that these plans are prepared for implementation in the near future. The saboteurs, whose forces were going to carry out the coup, received military training, but had to be disguised as civilians. It was assumed that they would conduct subversive activities in Moldova, its “locations and logistical aspects” were accurately indicated, Sandu emphasized.

According to her, it was alsouse of outsiders for violent actions”, namely citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro. Inside Moldova, they intended to use for the coup “such criminal gangs as the Shor Party“” and some other internal forces of the country. Maia Sandu also called the protests that took place last year part of the Russian plan to overthrow the government in Moldova.

As reported IA REGNUMex-Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Chicu accused the Kyiv authorities of trying to draw Chisinau into a conflict with Russia. According to Kiku, various ways and means are used for this.


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