The President of Israel said about the threat of collapse in the country

Israeli President Herzog: Israel is on the brink of constitutional and social collapse

Israel is on the verge of a constitutional and social collapse, the Israeli President said on February 12 Yitzhak Duke during a special address to the nation amid the situation with protests in the country against the legal system.

Yitzhak Duke

Yitzhak Duke

Government Press Office (Israel)

He noted that no power should be brought into a state of paralysis. The Duke urged the Israeli government “hear the cry of pain” by the protesters.

In Israel, the president performs representative and ceremonial functions. In fact, the country is headed by the Prime Minister, whose position is currently held by Benjamin Netanyahu.

As reported IA REGNUM, On February 11, more than 80,000 people came out to protest against judicial reform in Israel. In Jerusalem, about seven thousand protesters came to the house of Yitzhak Herzog, and then they proceeded to the house of Benjamin Netanyahu.


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