The political scientist assessed how the change of head of NATO will affect Russia

NATO.  Moscow.  stock, Jens Stoltenberg

The change of the head of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) will not affect the attitude of the organization towards Russia, moreover, a more aggressive person may come to replace the current head Jens Stoltenberg. This was told by political scientist Leonid Krutakov.

“Apparently, a more aggressive person is required for the position of NATO Secretary General,” Krutakova conveys the words. Channel Five. He added that they would like to see an official ready to immediately take extreme measures as head of the alliance. At the same time, Stoltenberg’s successor will not be an American, since the United States has the task of appointing a European official to this post, thereby showing the unity of the Western world.

Earlier, the official representative of the alliance, Oana Lungescu, said that Jens Stoltenberg has no intentions to extend his term as NATO Secretary General, the business publication reports.Sight“. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that assistance in the development of the Ukrainian defense industry is taking place as part of the alliance’s well-established strategy to confront Russia.


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