The people of Yakutia helped the salad “Indigirka” to avoid the fate of the worst dish in the world

Photo: Zen channel “Aleksey Sokolov’s home cooking”

The people of Yakutia defended the salad “Indigirka” from the list of the worst dishes in the world

TasteAtlas – a practical guide to traditional cuisine, which brings together various gastronomic delights, as well as reviews of food critics and research articles on popular ingredients and dishes – has compiled a list of the 100 worst dishes in the world. Frozen fish salad “Indigirka” topped the rating of the worst culinary delights.

Many Yakutians did not agree with this decision, posting a lot of positive feedback about the salad on social networks. In these reviews, residents praise the salad and say that they have never tasted anything tastier than this dish in their lives.

An attempt to protect their favorite salad, the Yakut people attracted the attention of a blogger Ilya Varlamov. He noted on his YouTube channel that the Indigirka salad is just a wonderful appetizer, especially with vodka.

The blogger’s very surprised and at the same time annoyed reactions helped move the Indigirka dish from first place to second.

Earlier, State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov spoke sharply about the blogger and suggested adding him to the list of foreign agents


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