The Pentagon shot down an object over Lake Huron due to intelligence risks


The US Department of Defense confirmed the destruction of an air object over Lake Huron in Michigan on the border with Canada. The decision was made taking into account intelligence and aviation risks. As the Pentagon explained, presumably, it was this device the day before, on February 12, that was seen over the territory of “sensitive objects” of the Ministry of Defense in the state of Montana.

The order to destroy the air facility was given by US President Joe Biden based on the recommendations of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The F-16 fighter fired an AIM9x missile and successfully hit the target. The object was flying at an altitude of about 12 km.

“We do not consider it a kinetic military threat to anything on the ground, but we believe that it presented a danger to air traffic and risks due to the potential presence of reconnaissance capabilities,” the statement reads. statement Pentagon. The agency notes that the destruction of the object at the selected point reduced the risk of debris falling on people and increased the chances of its recovery.

On February 12, the US aviation authorities partially closed the airspace over the state of Montana on the border with Canada – on the same day, an “unidentified object” was shot down in Canada itself. The decision on Montana was made by the military because of “an anomaly on the radar”, but the check did not reveal any suspicious objects.

In total, four objects invading their airspace have already been shot down in the United States and Canada. In the United States, two balloons were previously destroyed, at least one of which belonged to China. Ottawa did not specify which and whose object was shot down over Canadian territory. According to media reports, we can also talk about a balloon.

For more details, see Kommersant’s article “The Whole Sky Was Searched”.

Leonid Uvarchev


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