The Pentagon allowed the revision of the strategy towards China after the incident with the balloon

WASHINGTON, Feb 9 — The United States allowed a revision of the strategy towards Beijing after the incident with the Chinese balloon, Pentagon spokeswoman Melissa Dalton said.
According to the assistant secretary of defense, Washington will make a decision as it studies new data on the activity of aircraft belonging to the PRC.
As President Joe Biden said on Thursday, relations between the United States and China did not suffer serious damage due to the situation with the downed balloon in US airspace.
The US military shot down a Chinese balloon over the Atlantic last week, which had previously crossed Canada and the American landmass.
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin suggested that China used the device to monitor strategic targets. Because of this incident, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken postponed a visit to China.
Beijing dismissed the unfounded speculation and hype, explaining that the situation was caused by force majeure and the device was a weather balloon that deviated from the route.

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