The opposition in Moldova called on residents to unite to eliminate the government

CHISINAU, 18 Feb – One of the leaders of the opposition party in Moldova”Renaissance“Alexander Sukhodolsky believes that in order to eliminate the current government in the republic, it is not politicians who must unite, but the residents of the republic through participation in elections.
The head of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, said at the end of December that several opposition forces are negotiating the possibility of uniting to nominate a single candidate for the presidential elections. His words were confirmed by the leaders of several opposition political forces. Elections for the head of the republic are expected to take place this fall.
“It is not politicians who must unite, but the people of Moldova. In every speech I try to emphasize this particular narrative, appealing to the residents of the country to soberly assess everything that is happening and realize that the main goal for all of us should be the elimination of the current government through participation in the elections,” Sukhodolsky wrote in his Telegram channel.
In Moldova, the opposition has been holding anti-government protests since May 2022, insisting on the resignation of the Cabinet and President Maia Sandu, who is the informal leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity party. The demonstrators accuse the country’s authorities of failing to cope with the crisis in the economy and energy sector, as well as putting pressure on the opposition. As a result of the actions of the authorities, the opposition party “Shor” was banned in the country; representatives of a number of other political formations, including the Socialist Party, the “Renaissance” and “Chance” parties, regularly face searches and detention of their supporters.

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