The number of illegal crossings of the external borders of the European Union decreased by 12%

The number of illegal border crossings reported at the external borders of the European Union exceeded 13,200 in January, down 12% from the figures reported in the same month last year, the EU border and coast guard agency Frontex reported on February 13.

According to a report from the Warsaw-based EU agency, the migration route through the Western Balkans also remained the busiest in January, with 43% of illegal EU border crossings registered along this route.

In January this year, 5,751 illegal border crossing attempts were made on the Western Balkans migration route, a 5% decrease from January last year.

In the Western Mediterranean basin, mainly on the migratory route to Spain, 529 cases of illegal border crossing were registered in January, which is 49% lower than in January last year. In the Spanish Canary Islands, 564 people landed illegally last month, down 82% from a year ago.

In January, there were 1,582 illegal border crossings on the Eastern Mediterranean migration route through Greece and Cyprus. This represents an overall 5% decrease for the two countries in 2022 compared to January data.

According to Frontex, an increase in illegal border crossings along two migration routes was reported in January. On the migratory route in the central Mediterranean, mainly through Italy, the number of cases increased by 49% compared to last year to 4526 cases. On the eastern border of the European Union with Belarus, an increase of 121% was recorded in January compared to the data recorded in the same month last year – 248 cases of illegal crossing of the external borders of the EU.

Frontex added in its report that fewer people tried to cross the sea into the UK in January than a year earlier. Last month, 2369 sea passages were registered, which is 6% less compared to the same period last year.

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