The new prime minister of Moldova promised to accelerate European integration and the fight against corruption


Candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean named the priorities of his future government. The Cabinet of Ministers under his leadership will act in three areas: order and discipline in institutions, new life for the economy, and peace and stability. He stated this at a briefing today, February 10, after the Cabinet of Ministers of Natalia Gavrilitsa was dismissed a few hours ago.

“The main thing in the program of the new cabinet will be European integration. It is necessary to give an additional impetus to this process, to harmonize legislation, to fulfill the obligations undertaken to the EU”, Rechan noted.

The Secretary of the Security Council (the current position of Dorin Recean) added that the republic needs to be consolidated in the security sector so that everyone feels protected.
Leader of the country’s ruling presidential party “Action and Solidarity”, Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu assured that in the coming days the PDS will hold talks with the new head of government and will assist Rechan in achieving the goals set. He expressed confidence that the Cabinet, under his leadership, “will implement the vision for the development of the Republic of Moldova, proposed by the president and the PDS, in order to achieve the project of our country – European integration.”

“In the coming days, we will discuss with colleagues and Mr. Dorin Recean our priorities and agenda for the coming period. We expect him next week with the government program. The PDS faction expressed its support for the candidate for the post of prime minister nominated by the president and will give full support to the new government,” Grosu said.

In turn, the head of state Maya Sandu directed the candidate for prime minister to work more actively on the implementation of the reform program, to focus his efforts on the revival and development of the economy and cleaning up the justice system.

“The new government will have to continue and accelerate the cleanup of the justice system. No matter how many thieves try to set up roadblocks, we promised and are obliged to the people to restore justice in our country. The rotten system will continue to put up barriers, but the new government must speed up the cleansing of the country from corruption and injustice. These are the expectations of the people, as well as the priorities that, in my opinion, the new government should follow,” the President emphasized.

As reported EADaily , the parliamentary opposition of Moldova (the Shor Party and the Bloc of Communist-Socialists) is skeptical about the new candidate for prime minister. They are sure that the republic needs early parliamentary elections, otherwise “one incompetent government will replace another.”

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