The military from the NVO zone turned to the Kurgan deputy. Video

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Kurgan servicemen participating in the combat zone in Ukraine thanked the deputy of the Shchuchansky municipal district (Kurgan region) Mikhail Ryabkov for humanitarian aid and a thermal imager. The video message of the fighters was published on the deputy’s personal page on the VKontakte social network.

“Hello, dear fellow countrymen from the city of Shchuchya and the Shchuchansky district. We express our sincere gratitude for the collected humanitarian aid and the thermal imager. Thanks a lot [депутату] Mikhail Ryabkov. We’ll be back with a win!” said one of the fighters in the video. The serviceman also expressed his gratitude to the Chelyabinsk organization “Combat Brotherhood” for the quick delivery of humanitarian aid to the front.

Earlier URA.RU wrote that mobilized fighters from the NVO zone turned to Kurgan and Chelyabinsk residents. It was also reported that the servicemen thanked the Kurgan children for the letters and drawings they send to the front line.

The start of a special operation of the RF Armed Forces on the territory of Ukraine became known on February 24, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that it was aimed at protecting the Donbass from genocide by the Kyiv regime and nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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