The military doctor said about the especially dangerous methods of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ugledar

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Under Vuhledar, the use of ammunition with spherical submunitions that penetrate the human body was recorded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This was told by the commander of the Mobile Medical Group of the Special Purpose Medical Detachment (MOSN) of the Russian Armed Forces with the call sign “Coach”.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ugledar began to use dangerous ammunition with damaging elements,” RIA Novosti reports the words of a military doctor. He added that the elements are made in a spherical shape of the same size, which, when they penetrate the human body, cause a serious damaging effect.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian army uses banned chemical weapons. The Investigative Committee of Russia has launched an investigation into the use of chemical weapons by soldiers of the Ukrainian army. RT.


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