The Migration Service of Argentina explained why pregnant Russian women were denied entry


The Migration Service of Argentina denied six pregnant Russian women entry into the country due to the false purpose of the visit. This is reported by the publication La Nacion with reference to the statement of the head of department Florencia Carignano.

The head of the service stressed that pregnant Russian women were identified as “false tourists”. These are considered to be foreigners who do not have a return ticket or are not able to explain the purpose of their visit. At the same time, it is emphasized that the girls themselves admitted that they did not come to the country for tourism purposes. RIA News.

According to Carignano, the Russians planned to have a baby in Argentina in order to obtain citizenship. However, before the birth of a child in Argentina, persons who are not citizens of MERCOSUR member countries must apply to the consulate. There they need to explain the reasons for their decision, summed up the head of the migration service.


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