The media denied the information about the amputation of Kostomarov’s hands

Olympic champion in ice dancing in 2006, Roman Kostomarov, had a partial amputation of his fingers, not his entire hands. This is reported FAN with a link to the source.

Earlier, the media reported that the athlete allegedly had his hands amputated.

According to a source from the Federal News Agency, there was no question of a complete amputation of the hands – Kostomarov was only removed a few fingers. “On one hand, as planned, [удалили] three fingers and cleaned up. On the second – partial [удаление] two [пальцев] and also the removal of dead tissue. The condition is still serious, ”said the source of the publication.

On February 7, Parliamentary Newspaper wrote that both feet were amputated for the figure skater.

Kostomarov was hospitalized with a severe form of pneumonia at the Kommunarka Moscow Multidisciplinary Clinical Center and spent some time on a blood oxygen saturation machine (ECMO). Later, on the background of pneumonia and being on ECMO, his condition worsened, gangrene began.

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