The mayor of Tyumen intervened in the war between city officials and the Criminal Code

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The head of Tyumen, Ruslan Kukharuk, intervened in the conflict between the GreenLine management company and officials from the municipal economy department in order not to bring the mayor’s office to court. Information about this URA.RU was provided by the director of the Criminal Code Vladimir Ivanov. It was confirmed by sources from the city administration.

The war between GreenLight Management Company and Vitaly Danilov, deputy director of the city economy department, began about a year ago, when the company removed several residential buildings in the city center from service. According to the director of the Criminal Code, Vladimir Ivanov, he did this because of the large debts accumulated by the residents of the facilities. “They did not pay money, we suffered losses. We were forced to abandon these houses, after which they began to put spokes in our wheels, ”Ivanov said.

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The conflict of officials from the department of municipal services and the management company reached the mayor of Kuharuk

According to sources from the mayor’s office, the decision of the Criminal Code gave Danilov a lot of trouble. “He asked Ivanov to reconsider the decision, but he refused. Danilov urgently had to look for a new Criminal Code, while simultaneously receiving tons of negativity in his address. After that, he could climb on Ivanov and begin to take revenge on him, ”the source shared on condition of anonymity.

Some time after the conflict, the director of the management company Ivanov received a letter about the appointment of his company to service two small residential buildings in the Bereznyakovsky microdistrict outside the city. The residents of these houses paid for two years to the non-existent management company, which took these houses out of service, but continued to collect money for major repairs and other needs. Ivanov took this as a personal revenge.

“Anyone understands that we cannot serve these houses. They are located more than 15 kilometers from our office, equipment and employees. We get there in traffic for about an hour. In an emergency situation, we will not be able to arrive there promptly. Yes, and to do this for the sake of two two-story Khrushchevs is at a loss. This is direct revenge,” said Vladimir Ivanov.

Despite Ivanov’s arguments, the department was not going to back down, citing a government decree that allows officials to independently appoint the Criminal Code for apartment buildings. “The Greenlight management organization is obliged to start fulfilling the contract for managing an apartment building from the date of making changes to the register of maintenance licenses,” the Tyumen mayor’s office told the agency.

Vladimir Ivanov was not going to agree with the verdict and reached the city prosecutor Vladimir Bondarchuk. However, the situation has not moved forward. “Bondarchuk promised Ivanov to take the situation under personal control, but this did not help. The city prosecutor’s office is too closely connected with the mayor’s office, ”the insider shared.

Meeting of the City Council with the question of the resignation from the post of head of administration Alexander Moor.  Tyumen

Mayor Kuharuk will try to peacefully resolve the conflict so as not to bring the situation to court
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Vladimir Ivanov began to go to court. Information about the conflict reached Mayor Ruslan Kukharuk. He, according to the source, began to look for ways to resolve the conflict peacefully. “He doesn’t want a trial. On the part of the law, the mayor’s office has every chance of winning, but an unnecessary precedent will be created. He will make efforts to reconcile the parties, ”said an anonymous source close to the mayor’s office.

The information is also confirmed by a letter that Ivanov received from the city prosecutor’s office. “Your appeal has been sent for personal consideration to the head of the city of Tyumen. The results of the consideration are put under the control of the city prosecutor’s office, ”the document says.

The agency sent requests to the administration and the prosecutor’s office of the city of Tyumen. Answers are awaited.

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