The mayor from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug justified himself for a million-dollar debt to the airport

Mikhail Mishustin during a visit to Yakustok.  Yakutsk, deputy, official, businessman, governor, business conversation

The administration of the Berezovsky District (KhMAO) did not pay subsidies to the Surgut Airport Joint-Stock Company in the amount of 24.6 million rubles. This happened due to funding problems, the head of the district, Pavel Arteev, explained to URA.RU.

“The debt was formed due to the fact that financing for these purposes was not fully pledged. But in the near future this debt will be repaid,” Arteev said. He added that the number of subsidized flights within the region will not be reduced.

The press service of the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office said that an audit was carried out because of the debt. “In order to eliminate the identified violations, the transport prosecutor submitted a proposal to the head of the district,” the prosecutor’s office said.


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