The majority of congressmen are ready to approve aid to Ukraine, the White House said

WASHINGTON, Feb 25 – A confident majority of American congressmen are ready to approve the bill on financing Ukraine if House Speaker Mike Johnson puts it to a vote, said advisor US President for National Security Jake Sullivan.
“The reality is that (Russian President Vladimir – ed.) Putin wins every day that Ukraine does not receive the resources it needs, and Ukraine suffers. There is a confident bipartisan majority in the House that is ready to pass this bill if it comes to a vote, and such The decision can be made by one person,” he said in an interview with CNN.
The White House is criticizing Republican Johnson for dissolving the House of Representatives for a two-week recess until the end of February instead of quickly voting on $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.
“History is watching to see whether Speaker Johnson puts this bill to a vote. If so, it will pass and give Ukraine what it needs to succeed. If not, then we will not be able to give Ukraine what it needs to stand up to Russia, and Putin will be a big deal for that.” will win,” Sullivan said.
American authorities say that back in December they exhausted funds to support Ukraine and, until Congress approves new appropriations, they are not able to provide supplies of weapons and ammunition.

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