“The main thing is the interests of users”: Dmitry Ilyukhin spoke about the advantages of the YaRUS social network

Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

User interests, unique monetization and the ability to completely replace Russian-language YouTube content. Ivan Dobrovolsky, the head of the YARUS social network, and Dmitry Ilyukhin, the founder and director of the YARUS social network development, spoke about the advantages of the new Russian social network and why there is no need to be afraid of the departure of foreign sites from the domestic Internet space. The conversation took place on the air of the program “What will be” on the waves of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Leading programs asked their guests a variety of questions. Igor Vittel himself was engaged in programming in the past, so he has his own point of view about new Russian IT projects. He was interested in what the YaRUS social network can offer Russian users and whether it will become a worthy alternative to banned Western sites.

In March last year, we saw a large influx of Russians who noticed our originality. In the latest versions of our application, we have introduced a new main feed, where all types of content of interest to the user are collected. This is our unique feature – what distinguishes us from others, including Western counterparts. And we believe that it can be developed“, – answered Dmitry Ilyukhin, founder and director of social network development YaENG.

What else did the YaRUS developers do to differ from their predecessors and competitors? Answering this question, Ivan Dobrovolsky focused on the recommender system. Unlike other sites, it was not completely given over to artificial intelligence. The recommendation algorithm in YARUS is based primarily on the choice of people.

The head of the social network called the new monetization system one of the important achievements of the YaRUS team. It compares favorably with other platforms and will allow bloggers to earn on high-quality video content.

We pay for views approximately as much as we paid our bloggers before monetization closed in Russia YouTube. Any blogger can earn moneyENGif his videos get more than 1000 views. Starting from 100 thousand views, we provide additional payments. We are also ready to pay well-known bloggers if they go to our site with their audience“, – said Ivan Dobrovolsky, head of the social network YaENG.

Ivan Pankin raised a topic that has been worrying all Russians for a long time: whether YouTube will be blocked in our country. Dmitry Ilyukhin is sure that the YaRUS social network can offer an alternative replacement to the numerous fans of Google video hosting.

We have the entire infrastructure for this built from the outset. We are able to process video, collect from other sites, upload, transcode, store huge amounts of data. Those who come to us to watch video content receive it. Those who want to publish their material also have no problems“, – explained Dmitry Ilyukhin, founder and director of social network development YaENG.

The leaders concluded that ЯRUS does not aim to replace all social networks. There are enough users in Russia for everyone. It is only important to stick to your development vector. ЯRUS is interest oriented. This is a cozy social network where everyone can find their own.

Listen to the full version of the interview on the YARUS social network and on the official website of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station.


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