The Kurgan road workers who demolished the foundation of the well with a tractor refused to compensate for the damage. Photo

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Road workers refused to pay damages after their tractor demolished the base of a well in Shadrinsk (Kurgan region) while clearing snow. Eyewitnesses told about it.

“When clearing snow with a tractor, the foundation of a well in Shadrinsk was completely broken. They approached the workers, they did not name the organization in which they work, in fact, as well as the name of the master. And they also said impudently – now we will sprinkle with snow, and no one will notice, ”the townspeople reported through the Address portal.

Below is a comment from the city administration. “Good afternoon. Thanks for the signal. According to the profile committee, the breakdown will be fixed today during the day, ”the press service explained. This post was posted on February 13, 2023 at 11:28 am.

A similar episode occurred in December last year in Chelyabinsk. Then the excavator driver demolished the pole, which caused a large traffic jam on the road.


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